Data Protection – GDPR

How we use your medical records – Important information for patients

  • This practice handles medical records in-line with laws on data protection and confidentiality under the General Data Protection Regulation legislation.
  • We share medical records with those who are involved in providing you with care and treatment.
  • We may also share medical records for medical research and to check the quality of care provided to you.
  • We share information when the law requires us to do.

For more information, please see our Privacy Notice for Patients

Generally, you have the right to see your health records from the day you were born, where they exist.  To apply for a copy of part or complete medical record please complete and return this ACCESS TO MEDICAL RECORDS FORM. Your completed form can be emailed to [email protected] or returned to us by post. A reminder that it can take up to 1 calendar month to receive your requested information so please be specific as to which information you require. There is usually no fee involved and we will contact you when your information is ready to collect from the practice. Due to the sensitivity of the information you are asking to view, we ask that you show some identification when you are collecting a copy of your notes (preferably photographic).