Out Of Hours

Emergency/Out of Hours Contact Number 111
Outwith surgery hours our answering machine message will give you the emergency contact number for the Out of Hours service NHS24 (111). Please note our answering machine does not take messages and you should replace the receiver once you have listened to the message.

When you ring NHS24 a receptionist in the emergency call centre will answer your call. They will ask you for some information about yourself and then either:

  1. Arrange for you to speak to a doctor or nurse
  2. Invite you to attend the centre to be seen by the doctor
  3. Arrange a home visit if you are too ill to visit the centre

Training & Teaching

For patients

We are committed to the future of General Practice and so view training and teaching doctors and nurses highly.

GP Registrar Training – qualified doctors who plan to be GPs have to undertake additional training in an approved General Practice.

Medical Students – In recent years the emphasis on undergraduate medical education has moved from hospitals to a primary care setting. We teach both undergraduate and final year medical students who are on the road to becoming doctors and student nurses.

Video sessions – We use video recording equipment in some consultations as part of the teaching process. You will be asked for your permission on every occasion for this. If you would prefer not to take part or to see the doctor without the student being present please let us know.

Many thanks for your help as patients in training the doctors and nurses of the future!

For Doctors and Nurses in training
See the NES website – click the link below

www.NHS Education for Scotland

Child Immunisation Programme

8 Weeks
Diphtheria/Tetanus/Whooping cough/Polio/HIB/Hepatitis B combined injection
Pneumococcal vaccine – separate injection
Rotavirus – oral drops
Meningitis B vaccine – separate injection
12 Weeks Diphtheria/Tetanus/Whooping cough/Polio/HIB/Hepatitis B combined injection
Rotavirus – oral drops
16 Weeks
Diphtheria/Tetanus/Whooping cough/Polio/HIB/Hepatitis B combined injection
Pneumococcal vaccine – separate injection
Meningitis B vaccine – separate injection
Between 12 and 13 Months
HIB/Meningitis C vaccine – combined injection
Measles/Mumps/Rubella – combined injection
Pneumococcal vaccine – separate injection
Meningitis B vaccine – separate injection
From 4 years (pre school booster) Diphtheria/Tetanus/Whooping cough/Polio/HIB combined injection
Measles/Mumps/Rubella – combined injection
Girls ages 12-13 years HPV (Human Papilloma Virus) 3 injections over 6 month period
Around 13 to 18 years Tetanus/Diptheria/Polio combined injection
Meningitis C vaccine – separate injection

If you require further information please contact our Health Visitor Arlene Sawers.  You can leave a message  by calling 01224 551447 and she will get back to you.  Alternatively visit

Patient Forums

Joining Our Surgery

In order to register with the practice, you must provide 2 forms of identification.
This can either be 2 from the following list:
Passport/National Insurance Card/ Photo Driving Licence/ National Health Card or Work Permit
or you can bring one from the above list plus a recent utility bill with your home address listed.The practice area is made up as follows:

Northern boundary – from Kinmundy eastwards towards the B999, then following the B979 to the coast
Southern boundary – River Don from the coast to where it crosses the A90, then onto Mugiemoss Road until it joins the A947
Western boundary – A947 from where it joins Mugiemoss Road northwards to Kinmundy

If you are unsure whether you live within our practice area please ask at reception.Please note if you move out with our practice area you will need to register with a new practice as soon as you move.

Please print off the appropriate forms, fill in at home and bring along to the practice with your identification as mentioned above.

please complete this Registration Form

You will also need to bring the completed questionnaires listed below – choose which category you need depending on the age and gender of the patient.

Males please also complete this health questionnaire  New Patient Questionnaire – Male over age 5

Females please also complete this health questionnaire  New Patient Questionnaire – Female over age 5 

Children under 5 will also need this form completed Children under 5 – immunisation record

Change Of Personal Details

Please print this form and give details of any change of name, address, phone number etc.  It is important to keep us informed of any change – including your mobile phone number – so we can contact you if we need to.  Also please give details of your next of kin, and let us know if this changes.

Change of Personal Details


To help improve our service to you we operate a practice complaints procedure as part of the NHS system for dealing with complaints. Our complaints procedure meets national standards.

If you are unhappy with any aspect of our service or your treatment, please tell us. You can ask for information at reception or you are very welcome to contact Tracey Thom, our Practice Manager. For a copy of our complaints procedure please Click Here.

If you feel we have done a good job a compliment is always welcome!

Data Protection and Confidentiality

Your confidentiality

To ensure your best possible care 24/7, NHS Scotland makes all prescribed medication and recorded allergies on GP records available out of hours to relevant professionals, via the “Emergency Care Summary”. You will be asked to give your consent to this data being viewed at the time.

See “Your Emergency Care Summary – what does it mean for you?” Care Summary

In addition, other Key Information about your medical history, next of kin or wishes which you wish to be available 24/7 can be made available, with your explicit consent, via the “Key Information Summary”

See “Questions on the Key Information Summary” Explained

Details of all your medical problems are written into your medical records and we also hold records on our computer system. Danestone Medical Practice is registered under the Data Protection Act.  Your medical record is kept securely by the practice and only those professionals who are directly involved in your care have access to your record e.g. your doctor, nurse, practice pharmacist.  Other persons may only have access to your record with your written permission e.g. solicitors, insurance companies.

We place paramount importance on service and aim to meet your expectations on every occasion to provide you with health care and treatment.  To achieve this aim we need accurate personal information from you which we review regularly to ensure we take into account any changes in your circumstances.  We have a legal obligation under the Data Protection Act to ensure that all information held and processed about you complies with the principles of the Act.  We keep your information for other reasons: for example, to help us protect public health generally and to see that the Health Service runs efficiently, plans for the future, trains its staff and can account for its actions.  Information may also be needed to help carry out medical or other health research for the benefit of everyone.

Sometimes the law requires us to pass on information: for example, to notify of a birth.  Everyone working for the Health Service has a legal duty to keep information held about you confidential.  You may be receiving care from other healthcare professionals as well as your GP.  So that we can all work together for your benefit we may need to share some information about you.

We only ever use or pass on information about you if people have a genuine need for it in your and everyone’s interests.  Whenever we can we remove details which identify you.  The sharing of some types of very sensitive personal information is strictly controlled by law.

Anyone who receives information from us is also under a legal duty to keep it confidential.

The main reasons for which your information may be needed are:-

  • Providing you with health care and treatment
  • Looking after the health and social welfare of the general public
  • Ensuring that our services can meet patient needs in the future
  • Helping staff to review the care they provide, thus ensuring that it is of the highest standard
  • Training and educating staff (you may choose whether or not you wish to be involved personally)
  • Investigating complaints or legal claims
  • Statistical analysis and research (you will not be identified in any published results or papers without your prior consent)
  • Preparing statistics on performance and activity (steps shall be taken to ensure that you cannot be identified)

If at any time you would like to know more about how we use your information, you can speak to the Practice Manager or your GP or alternatively you may obtain a copy of the information we hold about you by making a Subject Access Request.  There may be a fee for this service.  Applications for ‘Subject Access’ under the Data Protection Act can be made by contacting the Practice Manager.

NHS Charter of Patient Responsibilities

Please click the link for more information: NHS Charter of patient rights and responsibilities