Appointments & Visits

New Appointment System

Doctor call back

August 2015 saw the introduction of our new “Doctor call back” appointment system. Patients who ask to be seen the same day are asked by a reception for an idea of the problem and are then added to the duty doctor call back list. The doctor phones the patient within an hour or so and assesses on the phone what is needed. We have found that just over 50% of patients who want to book an appointment that day can be dealt with without coming into the surgery (either receiving phone advice, a prescription for medication or a home visit). Of course, there are still a fair number of patients who need to come in for an appointment there and then and we have set up additional consulting sessions for this.

So far the feedback we have had from patients is extremely positive.

“Thank you for phoning so quickly”  & “It’s great to speak to a doctor right away when I’ve been worried”

Pre-Bookable Appointments

We also have pre-bookable appointments available for patients who need to plan their appointment time in advance.

Extended Hours Appointment

We are currently offering extended surgery hours on alternate Mondays, available to those who cannot attend the surgery during normal hours (8am-6pm) due to work or childcare commitments.  These extended hours sessions run from 6pm-7.30pm, currently on alternate Mondays.

Telephone Consultations

In addition to a face-to-face appointment, you can book a telephone consultation with any of our doctors.  The doctor will aim to phone you within 30 minutes of the appointment time given.  Please try to be available at a landline where we can phone you, in a place suitable for talking to the doctor.  Telephone consultations can be booked on the same day or pre-booked.

Time Keeping

A standard appointment is 10 minutes, we operate a “one problem one appointment” policy. Please help us run to time by booking a double appointment if you have more than one problem or a complex problem which will need more time.

Please note that only one patient can be treated per appointment.  However, you are welcome to be accompanied if you wish.

Home Visits

You can arrange a home visit by the doctor for someone who is too ill or disabled to attend the surgery by phoning the surgery before 10.30am if possible.  If you can come to the surgery, you can often be seen more quickly and we have better facilities onsite for investigation and treatment.

Emergencies Out of Hours

If you need medical advice for problems arising between 6pm-8am Mon-Fri or at the weekend, call NHS 24 on 111.

They will either give advice, arrange for you to be seen at the GMEDs centre or arrange a home visit.

Please remember that if you or another person is in a life-threatening situation at any time, call the emergency services on 999.

Further details can be found on our practice leaflet which is available from Reception.